Precision Agriculture Payload

GEMS multispectral camera payload for remote sensing on any small UAV

Geo-localization and Mosaicing Sensor (GEMS) is a 2-camera standalone low SWAP UAV subsystem. It allows any UAV or Remote Controlled, fixed wing or rotory vehicle to fly and collect precision camera imagery. The sensor payload is completely standalone and provides precision navigation and GPS data. The system integrators dream-just plug it in and fly! No integration with external sensors to mosaic images. Provides mosaiced RGB and NIR aerial imagery for calculation of NDVI and other precision agriculture vegetation indices.

Farmers & Consultants

Get a fast and accurate view of your field for real time feedback. GEMS software allows for a rapid response from the farmer to take corrective action. Seamlessly interfaces with Agleader’s SMS Farm Management tool. Additional formats coming soon.

Insurance Adjustors

Assess crop damage and stress with accurately recorded WGS84 geo-located imagery and automatically recorded time/date from each flight.

Service Providers

GEMS offers the service provider rapid, in-the-field 2D mosaics of RGB, NIR, and NDVI imagery. It also Integrates with multiple 3rd-party 3D reconstruction tools so you can provide picture-perfect, orthorectified mosaics and 3D point clouds to your customers.


We team with researchers to engineer the most effective ways of extracting actionable information from GEMS imagery and to define requirements for future sensors. We also have an academic discount program; contact us for details.